All About Rits

So if you're like me, you were accepted to Rits and had quite the time searching Youtube high and low for some sort of video tour of I-house, had a relatively unsuccessful quest for pictures, and had trouble really getting a feel for what it would be like. Hopefully all that trouble ends here! I tried to think of some my big worries and questions that I had about Rits and Kyoto in general and I'm going to try and address those things the best I can. I was worried about food, a cell phone, housing, campus, transportation, winter, summer, rain, typhoons, earthquakes, what to pack, what not to pack, prices, banks, ATMs, a bike, studying, classes, homesickness, and more. When you're studying abroad, all those things are valid concerns in my opinion and it's scary jumping right into life in a strange country. But really, once you're there it's all worth it. So please, browse the tabs and take a look! I hope I can answer your questions.