Films to Watch For...and Watch

"We are blessed to be living in the time of cinema." - Werner Herzog

In Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids/Battle Creek

Kissing Jessica Stein - Charles Herman-Wurmfeld (2001), Western Film Society, Little Theatre, in June

IMAX: Space Station 3D, Celebration Cinema, GR


On Cable

The Virgin Suicides - Sofia Coppola (2000)

Angels and Insects - Philip Haas (1996)


For Rent (or what Tom's been watching on DVD this summer)

Barcelona - Whit Stillman (1994); Stillman's best

Fargo - Joel and Ethan Coen (1996); the Coen's best

Chuck and Buck - Miguel Arteta (2000); disturbing, touching, and engaging

The Crossing Guard - Sean Penn (1995); The Pledge is better, and even that has problems. Penn does very interesting things with the imagery to tell the story in both films, but cannot sustain a good narrative in either.

Angels and Insects - Philip Haas (1996); beautifully shot, a good moral reserved main character, and a simple construction of the narrative elements


In New York (sometimes they make it to a local screen)

Baran - Majid Majidi (2001) Herzog says that Iran and Hong Kong are putting out the most interesting (I would assume that means innovative and challenging) films today.

A Grin Without a Cat - Chris Marker (1977; restored and updated)

Sade - Benoit Jacquot (2002) w/Daniel Auteuil

Rain - Christine Jeffs (2002)

Girls Can't Swim - Anne-Sophie Birot (2000)

Murderous Maids - Jean-Pierre Denis (2000)

Triumph of Love - Clare Peploe (2002) w/Mira Sorvino, Ben Kingsley

Chelsea Walls - Ethan Hawke (2002) w/Kris Kristofferson, Natasha Richardson, Uma Thurman

Teddy Bears Picnic - Harry Shearer (2002) w/Andy Richter, Henry Gibson, George Wendt

No Man's Land - Danis Tanovic (2001)